Why is boarding important for my pet’s health and safety?

The more thoroughly your pet is supervised and cared for in your absence, the better. The occasional visit or feeding from a friend or family member only covers basic needs; it won't help your pet if he suddenly gets sick or injured the rest of the time, or if he need requires periodic medication and other special health care. Boarding places your pet among skilled professionals who can watch over him and make sure that he's always okay.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a common problem among pets who are left alone most of the day. This form of anxiety can lead to destructive behavior, while also making the pet thoroughly miserable. Boarding gives your pet plenty of playmates and interaction with humans.

Why Should I Board My Dog at Your Facility?

Unleashed gives dogs the environment of their dreams -- 25 wooded acres that gives our guests unlimited fun, exercise, and outdoor relaxation. We'll give your pet the best of care, look after his health, and make sure he's eating right.

What Services Do You Offer Beyond Boarding?

In addition to boarding, Unleashed also offers training, in the form of our "Unleashed Potential!" Board and Train Program. Our certified trainers and force-free training procedures give your dog a healthy, positive learning environment for gaining valuable skills.

What if I Only Need One Day of Care for My Dog?

Unleashed can provide single-day stays for dogs as well as more long-range boarding stays. Ask about our day camp services!

What Do I Need to Do Before I Can Board My Dog?

All dogs must be current on their vaccinations before they can stay at our Renton boarding center, for the sake of all of our guests. We also need you to schedule an initial visit with your pet so you can determine whether this is the best environment for him.

What Are My Pet Pick-Up Options?

Monday through Friday, we provide free pick-up and drop-off for day care pets; one way transportation for boarded pets, and weekend transportation services, are available (except on major holidays) for an additional fee.

Find Your Answers at Our Renton Dog Boarding Center

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