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FAQ & Things To Know

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Your dog craves adventure. We've got it ON OUR 25-ACRE PROPERTY!

We aren't your average dog daycare and boarding facility. Read below to learn more about how things go at Unleashed and see if your dog is a good fit for a fun-filled adventure with us!


  • My dog hasn’t been around other dogs much, is this a good way to socialize them?
    The best way to socialize your dog is in a smaller, controlled group where you can make sure they go at their own pace. Our environment can be an overwhelming place for a dog to be introduced to group play. We recommend making sure they enjoy playing in a small group of dogs before bringing them to us.
  • How does transportation work?
    If you live in West Seattle or the Renton/Maple Valley area, we can transport your dog to and from day camp during the week. This service is always round trip and we can only accommodate one way service for boarding. If you would like a ride to or from camp for a boarding stay, we have our chauffeur route available between noon and 2 every day. This ride needs to be requested at least a week in advance so we can plan accordingly. There is a fee for this service and anyone who lives within 25 miles of camp is eligible.
  • What does an average day look like?
    For day camp dogs, the fun starts as soon as they arrive. We bring them into the barn, let them sniff around and say hi to a few friends. As soon as they are settled in, they join a group of dogs out in a field and run around with them and a dog handler for a few hours. Throughout the day, they will come inside for rest time, lay around on dog cots and listen to relaxing music before going back out to play some more. For boarding dogs, the day looks very similar to day camp dogs except they get more rest time during the day. Dogs who spend the night sleep on dog cots or the floor if they prefer. There is always a person sleeping nearby to address anything that comes up overnight. During breakfast and dinner, dogs are separated into individual feeding stalls so they can eat their own food in peace.
  • What should I bring for an overnight stay?
    We recommend bringing only your dog’s food and any medication or supplements. You can also bring items for your dog to chew on during rest times. Blankets, beds, toys etc tend to be commandeered by other dogs, soiled or chewed up.
  • Do you ever turn dogs away?
    Yes, we do. If a dog comes for an evaluation and it is clear that the dog is not having a good time, is stressed or showing signs of being fearful, overwhelmed, looking for an escape route, etc, we will let you know and recommend another option. We also turn dogs away who are excessively humping other dogs, playing too rough and/or not responding to the “no thanks” of other dogs, or engaging in any ongoing behavior that is causing stress to other dogs or could cause harm to themselves.
  • Why would my dog need to come for another behavior evaluation?
    If your dog has not been with us for over a year, we require at least one day of day camp before they come for a boarding stay. Please be prepared with a back up plan since it is common for dogs to find a group environment stressful if they haven’t been here for a while. It’s like being dropped at Disneyland for a week after Covid restrictions lifted. It can be a little jarring! Sometimes a dog that enjoys day camp can lose enthusiasm and seem less comfortable in this environment. This can happen for a variety of reasons with sudden or gradual onset. Changes in health, such as hip problems and joint pain, age, or issues with separation anxiety can also contribute to this shift of behavior. Regardless of the reason, if we notice a pattern of behavior that indicates that a dog is losing interest in day camp, we will discuss our options with you, make a plan to try to re-engage the dog, and create a timeline. This way, if our facility is no longer suitable for your dog, you will be given ample time to investigate other options for care that will be a better fit for your dog.
  • How should I plan for a holiday boarding stay?
    Book your reservation as soon as possible! We do fill up over major holidays and take a limited wait list. Consider sending calming treats or medications, requesting extra rest or cuddle time for your dog, or letting us know ahead of time if your dog needs a little extra TLC when there are fireworks, larger groups of dogs, or if you are away longer than usual. If you are a newer client, we require a few days of day camp before coming to board over a holiday. This is because we have found that dogs are much more relaxed when they can get settled with us and make some friends before being dropped off during our busiest time. Make sure you are aware of our limited holiday hours for pick up and drop offs as well as van transportation. Look out for special holiday meals or treats we offer for special occasions and also special photo events!

Things to Know

Initial Evaluation

We require all dogs to visit us with their people for a tour and behavioral evaluation. This allows the dogs to get comfortable with the space and our staff, for you to see the facility, and for the staff of Unleashed to make sure each dog is a good fit for our space and our group. Our evaluation fee is $30 per dog and includes a minimum of 4 hours of day camp.

Required Health Records

All dogs must be at least 6 months of age and be complete with their entire series of puppy vaccinations. All dogs over 8 months old must be fixed.

Before their initial evaluation, all clients are required to provide vet records for current Bordetella, Rabies, and DHPP (Distemper) vaccines, as well as a clean fecal test from within the last 6 months. Current clients are required to provide proof of ongoing current vaccines, as well as a clean fecal test every 6 months and the bordetella vaccine every year.


Full payment is due at check out. We accept both credit cards and checks.

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